Thursday, March 29, 2007

yes and yes!!

It has been confirmed and I will be staying NP to do Multimedia & Animation. I rejected NYP's offer in doing Digital Media Design as well as PJC's in doing A level. Right now, I just got to wait for the school to start and then do my best for it.

I am given a new chance here and I am sure, I will not fool around anymore.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Selling of book

Attention to the following 2 groups of people, you might grab some cheap textbook from me, up to a discount of 50%

1) New year 1 student enrolled into Biomedical Science, Pharmacy, Biotechnology of NP

2) New year 1 student enrolled into Biomedical Science of SP

I am selling the following two textbooks which you may use in your Organic Chemistry and Microbiology module,

a) Foundation in Microbiology
b) General, Organic and Biochemistry

These book cost alot of money if you buy from school, I am getting rid of it, so if you are interested, please tag me at my tagboard.


Jobweek camp is finally over. Today is the last day of Jobweek. This year round, I did not go out and earn but instead, I am one of the main committee member who is incharge of the IT system of the whole camp. It is not easy than those who went out to earn, I have to work under the demand of the group and within the time limit with great pressure exerted on me. I have learned alot from this camp but somehow, I feel that something is missing somewhere.

I am facing several emotional attacks these few days, somehow or rather, my mood can change totally within minutes, sometime, it can change just instantly. Hais, I do not know what is up in me, just hope that I can be as happy as I want to be.

Time to sleep.

Friday, March 02, 2007


I detest wet weathers! Hate it alot, really, imagine going out with your clean jean and got dipped with water and stained by mud. It is just so mood spoiling.

Went back ZSS for relief lesson these few day and the whole school somehow or rather change alot. However, it is still able to give me a very pleasurable feeling. Somehow, I remember all the memories that I had in the school. I miss the DNT lesson, I miss running around the whole school, I miss whacking Sebastian's Butt, I miss the basketball court, I simply miss everything two years back!

If I can choose between studying in poly, JC or secondary school. I will choose secondary school. That is where my character builds up and the environment that trains me to be who I am now.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It is great to hear compliments and good encouragement from people around me gave to my decision in my academic pursuit. Even my math lecturer back in BMS. Thank to everyone up there who gave me their support.

Right now, I am able to enjoy life. At least all my effort during the last quarter of the year in producing the portfolio isn't a waste, at least I got in somewhere.

Driving lesson next!

Friday, February 23, 2007


A work by me inspired by road builders along the road working there, creating new roads for us, just like how each and every single one of us plotting our own journey in life. I made use of the signboard as a message to be brought across to remind people to "work ahead" instead of idling their life out.

It has really been super long since I really write something about my life. Hmm, have been working alot on my portfolio with NO knowledge at all for the past quarter of year 2006. My academic pursuit of the new year strikes open with series of interviews and aptitude test and my effort didn't went down the drain and here I am!

22/2/07, I finally received my first offer of doing Digital Media Design at Nanyang Polytechnic. I think it is a great chance that I don't wanna miss, really. The lecturer over there gave me the chance to excel there and they have hope in my determination and everything to do my best in their program. It has really been very long that anyone had actually gave their trust to me. I should not disappoint them and will put my 100% effort into whatever I do.

It is really a stupid mistake of mine to misread the time slot, this is what I will caution my children next time, NEVER miss an examination. I hope everything goes fine and well for me this year. Last year is really an unlucky year for me. Shall not elaborate too much, I am looking forward to the new journey plotted for me

Taken on the 21/02 at Sentosa Flower

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hi Joseph,

Yup, I was about to call you to inform you that you are in! Congrats!

All the best in the coming semester and see you soon.

Happy New Year

Ms Pat

I got a place in NYP in doing Digital Media Design! Whoo. I think most likely I will transfer there.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Hey! I think I am blogging for myself to see but heck anyway. I have my loyal fan, Deneng, who will be there reading and pushing me to update.

CNY is just CNY. Everything is going to end soon. It is still the same, nothing much with that boring culture and tradition. School holiday now, hais, where will I be this coming april. JJC? NP? NYP? SP? I really have no idea but I am sure, I got to be in somewhere.

Nothing to blog. Tmr I will try sparking this blog up.